Standard & Custom Exhaust Systems

Whether it is a standard replacement car exhaust, or a one off custom project – we pride ourselves on having the ability to produce just the exhaust you need for your car. The only limit is your imagination – whether simple, subtle and quiet, a standard replacement, or something completely bespoke, we can fulfill your needs. We can carry out repairs to your existing car exhaust, whether it be a simple weld, replacing a flexible section or even making a no longer available part.

PLEASE NOTE! Because we make your car exhaust onsite the choices are massive. It is therefore almost impossible to give a price without seeing the car & knowing exactly what you want – especially by phone or email. The best way is to drop in with the car, let us have a look & we can price it up. All exhaust estimates are FREE with no obligation.

How We Fit A Powerflow Exhaust System

How we go about creating your standard or bespoke stainless steel exhaust system - A step by step guide to our process.


First is the planning stage.

We discuss with the customer what is wanted in terms of looks, tail pipe choice, noise levels & performance requirements.

Once we have seen what needs to be done, we can accurately estimate the cost & time it will take to complete.

Powerflow exhaust systems

Once the new design is decided upon, the car is put up on the ramps and the old system is removed from the vehicle …

We remove your old exhaust

… and discarded to make way for the new Powerflow exhaust system.

This allows us to start measuring for your new bespoke exhaust

The fabrication process is now ready to begin.

New silencers (and catalyst if using) are now set into the correct position using temporary fixings and supports to hold them in place.

We fit the silencers and catalyst

The pipework is then measured to length and bent into the correct angles to join all the separate elements together.

The exhaust pipework is cut and bent to fit

The newly made car exhaust is then fitted into position ensuring perfect alignment & fit.

If needed, any final amends are made to the pipe lengths, bends and curves.

The exhaust parts are aligned and modified where needed

Once the newly formed system is fitted exactly as required, it is partially welded to pin it together for removal.

The exhaust system is partially welded to hold it together

The new stainless steel exhaust system is then removed from the car & fully welded.

The exhaust system is then completely removed and fully welded

The system is now re-fitted to the vehicle using the correct hangers & brackets to secure it in place.

The system is then refitted to the car

Finally, the completed car exhaust system is fully quality controlled and given a final clean.

The exhaust is then fully checked and cleaned

The finished article ready to go!

Completed bespoke exhaust


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