Motorhome Servicing, Repairs, MOT’s & Mechanical Upgrades

Bring your Motorhome to RJM, and we can carry out full servicing and all mechanical repairs and MoT tests. We can also carry out most other mechanical work, including timing belt replacements, clutch replacements, ECU remapping, stainless steel exhaust manufacture, tyres replacement and wheel balancing, 4 wheel alignment and tracking, as well as air conditioning servicing and much more.

Motorhome Suspension Upgrade

We can upgrade your front suspension using genuine German sourced uprated coil springs. The difference in ride quality, comfort and looks is not only noticeable, but incredible! Call us for more details and pricing information. Take a look at the photographs below as an example of uprated suspension:

Motorhome suspension before

Motorhome Suspension Before

Motorhome Suspension After

Motorhome Suspension After

Before Upgrading Motorhome Suspension

Motorhome Suspension Before Upgrade

motorhome suspension after upgrade

Uprated Motorhome Suspension

Our Workshops

We have a 6000 sq/ft modern, fully equipped, and clean workshop which has 2 MOT test facilities, with vehicle lifts & exhaust extraction. More than enough space to work comfortably on your motorhome, helping you keep it where it belongs – on the road!

Should you wish to wait for your motorhome – depending on the work being done to it. We have a comfortable, air conditioned reception area with TV & Wi-Fi for your convenience.

We are proud that we are still a family run business, with over 40 years of experience in the motor trade, so you can be sure your motorhome will not only get the best attention, but also be taken care of.

RJM & SONS (SCOTLAND) LTD has evolved into a one stop shop for the customer who demands the best care & attention for their vehicles.

Motorhome Servicing
Motorhome MOT's
Motorhome mechanical repairs
Uprated motorhome coil springs
Motorhome maintenance
Stainless steel exhausts for motorhomes
Motorhome service and repair
Uprated motorhome su

* Please note we do NOT cater for the habitation area of your Motorhome.
We specialise in servicing, MOT's, mechanical repairs & maintenance only *


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