Hydroflow - Engine Carbon Cleaning

The Problem: Carbon buildup over the course of a vehicle’s lifetime can cause a wide array of vehicular problems including: smokey exhaust, lumpy idle, flat spots, reduced throttle response, increased emissions, reduced MPG, DPF/EGR valve issues, sticky swirl flaps, sticky throttle body and sooted up waste gates.

In many cases, these issues can be the difference between an MOT pass and a fail. So essentially, the dirtier a vehicle is, the greater the effect a carbon clean will have in restoring the vehicle’s lost performance and efficiency. Carbon build up tends to be much worse in diesels and high mileage vehicles.

Hydroflow Engine Carbon Cleaning Machine

The Solution: HydroFlow’s signature, chemical free cleaning process has been proven to help reduce emissions and smoke for both Petrol and Diesel vehicles. The process can be carried out as part of a routine service, preventative maintenance or to clean engine internals as part of a fault finding process.

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'Before' and 'After' results of Hydroflow Engine Cleaning


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